Aeanor Cuthalion

Lean, Feral-looking Swordsmaster of Emelthemar


Was originally born and raised in Emelthemar where he was trained early in the ways on combat. His father was a cleric and his mother was lost to him when he was very young. It turns out she was a small member in the Faerie Courts of Summer. He grew up with his childhood friend Beleg Anwamane and they went through Combat Training together. Eventually though, he grew tired of the stagnation, and felt that he was hampering his potential by staying in the city. This idea was reinforced when he heard rumors of a tyrant controlling undead hordes in a far away land. He traveled and fought the Lady of night and eventually helped drive her out of the city although failed to kill her. During this time he met his future wife Lily, a red-haired elven bard. After spending some time helping in the city, they both decided to leave and travel along the forest towards the ruins of Tirion. They did this for a century or so then traveled back to Emelthemar to reunite with his family. Currently, he is the city battlemaster, training upcoming soldier in the way of the sword and tactics. Occasionally he goes patrolling out to the Sylvan Wall with his soldiers, and is always trying to take part in current events.

Adventurous, Kinda cheerful, very loyal, and intelligent. Shining gold hair, grey eyes.
Two swords and a darkwood bow.

Aeanor Cuthalion

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